Chapter 128


Often Chapter 128 in the state of Wisconsin provides an alternative to filing bankruptcy for many clients.  The main purpose of Chapter 128 is to repay debt without filing having to file a bankruptcy to eliminate it. The unsecured debt is repaid in full back to the creditor over three years without paying any more interest on the debt after the time we file and get a case number from the courts. unless you default from the agreement then you may be subject to interest being added back on to the original debt amount we claimed in the Chapter 128 at time of filing.

It is NOT a consumer credit counseling program or  Bankruptcy, but it is a debt consolidation full repayment plan filed with the Wisconsin Circuit Courts, with documents prepared by an attorney.

It is the opposite of bankruptcy. You are repaying a debt on better terms for you and avoiding interest and only paying back the balance at the time we file the Chapter 128.


There are two major differences: Bankruptcy is Federal. Chapter 128 is strictly a State of Wisconsin plan. Also, Chapter 128 is the opposite of bankruptcy: you are repaying the debts.

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Chapter 128 vs Bankruptcy:

The Federal Government overhauled the  bankruptcy laws, which went into effect October 17, 2005, making it much  more difficult to file bankruptcy. This does not effect Chapter 128  proceedings and in fact may make it a much more attractive option to  debtors: if you do not qualify for bankruptcy, you may be able to file a  Chapter 128 instead. 

The following is a partial list of the advantages of a Chapter 128:

*Chapter 128 is unique to the State of Wisconsin and is open to ALL Wisconsin residents.

Unlike bankruptcy, you are not required to list assets and property not in jeopardy.

You do not need to list all the debts you owe, unlike bankruptcy.

A very attractive alternative if you do not qualify under the new bankruptcy laws.

  • Stops garnishments.
  • Debt gets repaid.
  • Not listed in newspapers.
  • Interest on debts is uncollectible upon successful completion of the Chapter 128.
  • Easy and inexpensive to file.
  • May file more than once.
  • No Court appearances.


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