You CAN Eliminate Credit Card and Unsecured Debt WITHOUT Filing Bankruptcy!

At Debt Help Law we offer reliable  debt negotiation services to our clients who do not want to file for  bankruptcy or deal with all the upfront fees or monthly fees when  dealing with a debt management company or credit counseling service.  Typically these type of companies require upfront or monthly fees to get  started in their programs.

Debt Help Law has *NO UPFRONT FEES OR MONTHLY FEES* in our program. 


NEVER! trust and inexperienced company to handle your debt negotiation, this could be very costly to you down the road. Beware of these companies that want upfront and monthly fees and guarantee huge reductions in your debt and want you to pay them directly instead of your creditors. In many cases you are paying these companies fees in installment payments over several months to a year and not paying any of your actual debts.

We are attorneys and we are regulated by the Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri State Bar. We have ethical obligations to our clients. This is not true of most debt negotiation companies they do not have your back in this tough situation they just want their monthly fees from you. Please, do not leave you or your families financial future in the hands of these fraudulent debt negotiation companies, only to be horrified with the results and still burdened by large amounts of unmanageable debt and no money left to show for it.

Debt negotiation can be a complicated process that could be very costly to you if it is not done correctly the first time. Debt Negotiation is the process whereby our firm negotiates with your creditors to have them LEGALLY FORGIVE a portion of the debt less than the original amount owed.During the debt negotiation process, Debt Help Law will STOP all of the harassing daily phone calls and deal with your creditors on your behalf!

At Debt Help Law we understand your rights.  We have the experience litigating against credit card companies and collection agencies for your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Debt Help Law  can effectively negotiate a settlement of your debt for a fraction of the balance. Our clients have paid as little as. .10 cents on the dollar for credit card debt. Hiring a respected and reputable law firm that advocates on your behalf greatly helps the communication with your creditors and the success rate of being able to negotiate a reasonable settlement of your debts.

When a settlement offer is achieved with your creditor we will immediately  confirm the offer with you!


Upon confirmation of the settlement agreement being achieved agreeable payment terms are set up with the creditor in a legally binding agreement to legally forgive a portion of the debt and "SETTLE" the account. It is important to make sure you have the funds available to settle either in a "lump sum" or "payment plan" with the creditor. It is important that you know what amount you are able to set aside each month to resolve your debts. Some clients may draw funds from their 401k, IRA, Life Insurance or refinance their home or even borrow money from a family member in order to eliminate their debt. Debt Help Law works with every client to find a "suitable" arrangement  to resolve their debts.

Here Are the Questions We Can Discuss Together!

*Is Stopping a Lawsuit possible for you?

*Can a garnishment be stopped?

*Can creditors agree to a no interest payment plan?

*Can Home loan debt be wiped out?

*Can Credit Card debt and Payday and Title Loans be negotiated for pennies on the dollar?

*Is it possible to collect damages from debt collectors?

*Can you negotiate a settlement for less than the current  amount owed?

*Is it possible to avoid bankruptcy?

*Can you raise your credit card scores after debt is eliminated?