Dealing with the stress of losing your home can be very traumatic. At Debt Help Law we can help you explore all of your options. There are numerous ways to keep your family in the home that you have worked so hard your whole life to keep making those on time mortgage payments to keep the mortgage in good standings until something bad unfortunately happens and now you are facing being kicked out on the street without an option.

At Debt Help Law we can help you explore your full range of options, we can help you and your family save your home and get a fresh start and give you the tools needed to start building towards a better future.

For years, we have been dedicated to helping numerous clients across Wisconsin save their homes and get the debt relief and fresh start they deserve. Many clients considering bankruptcy find that mortgage modification provides them with a quicker and easier solution without having to file bankruptcy.

Debt Help Law will help negotiate terms for a mortgage modification that will allow you to renegotiate the current mortgage with your lender. In most cases for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments. Making it affordable for you to repay the mortgage loan debt. In some cases even getting the mortgage written off completely.

Debt Help Law works with lenders to make sure they are working to to find programs that fit your needs and that above all else that you and your family keep your home you have worked so hard for.

Lenders also understand that we are a Law Firm and we protect our clients rights to be treated honestly and fairly in this process. So, this means your modification request will not get pushed to the bottom of the pile at the lenders office. We are constantly calling them for updates after we submit a mortgage modification request.

Almost all Mortgage lenders are extremely overwhelmed handling all the cases that they see every day. We have spoken to Wisconsin residents who have been in the modification process for months, even over a year in some cases, but are about to lose their homes in a few weeks because the mortgage company has been telling them “not to worry” or “we are working on it”. These promises from the mortgage lender DO NOT stop the foreclosure action they are currently filing against your home. If the mortgage modification process is not working for you, we can offer other debt help options and help you put an immediate stop to foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for representing us so well. You’ve done a terrific job on our behalf! We appreciate not only the professional approach you’ve taken toward saving our home and resolving our credit issues, but also the considerate and flexible manner in  which you’ve handled unexpected changes to our financial situation along the way. “

"I was hurt in a car accident and fell behind in my house payments when I couldn't work.  After months of trying to get caught up I finally had enough money to bring my payments current, but my bank had started foreclosure proceedings.   I called their customer service number and was told they could take a payment over the phone and it would reinstate my loan.  I made the payment and they took the money and put it in suspension.  They did not apply it to my mortgage.  I was told they needed the money to be sent in certified funds.  I couldn't get them to send my money back to me and they continued with the foreclosure process.  I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone at the bank and that is when I decided to contact Debt Help Law.

This was the best decision I had made so far.  They were very understanding and sympathetic to my situation.  They worked very hard with me to get this situation resolved.  They worked through every road block the bank put in front of us and finally after many hours of frustrating work they finally got my loan reinstated for me.  Debt Help Law went above and beyond what they were paid to do to help me out of a bad situation.  I would highly recommend Debt Help Law to anyone who faces financial problems."