Have you ever thought to your self,  how can I get out of debt?, I made a mistake two years ago and I will  never make that same mistake again.Two years can come back and try and  tear you apart. It was with the help of debt help law, that I was able  to turn my debt around. The staff were very helpful, very professional.  They kept me up to speed with the entire process, not one time did I  have to call. They were right their making plans, answering questions  giving me the guidance I need. They were my advocate. I would highly  recommend debt help law to anyone who maybe struggling to find help,  they are willing and able to shed the burden off of you shoulders if you  just call.

Thank you,

On May 27th of this year 2016 my  wife decided to end our marriage of 13 years and move 350 miles away.  Leaving me with our child and her two children and a grandson and did I  forget to mention the over $40,000 of credit card debt of which I knew  nothing about. I was at an all-time low in my life. I thought I was  going to lose my house and everything else I worked so hard to  accomplish, until I was given the name of Debt Help Law and Attorney  David A. Danz.
I called and the receptionist took down all my  information and literally in the next 5 minutes I got a call back. They  reassured me on the phone that they could definitely help me, so we set  up a meeting.
They told me in the meeting that they could help me  avoid Bankruptcy like I wanted and negotiate my credit card debt  substantially and that's exactly what they did!
All said and done,  they negotiated my debt to less than half! And I avoided having to file  bankruptcy. I couldn't have been happier!
I recommend Debt, Help Law and Attorney David A. Danz Law Offices to anyone experiencing a financial crisis.
T. H.
Burlington, WI 

 “I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help and support in getting our credit card debt settled.

It was a nice surprise to receive the confirmation that you did exactly what you had stated, when you said you would do it

Mr. and Mrs. T.K.

 “ My wife and I were in between a  rock and a hard place. Money was something from the past and debt was  our new future with more debt piling up on top of that. Every time we  heard the phone ring we already knew who was calling…. and it rang alot.

We  had nowhere to go…. or so we thought. We started doing some research as  to who could best help us with our difficult situation. We found you.

Not  only was our debt settled in less than 48 hours, at a surprising low  percent, your ability to bring peace of mind with the way you  communicate and knowledge of in this field is outstanding.

Sometimes  just having a someone to talk to who REALLY understands our situation  and help show the light at the end of the tunnel is what we really  needed. Thank you for making our lives normal again.”

 “It has been a pleasure to work  with you. Even though consolidating our credit was not a fun and easy  thing, you explained it all in detail and spelled out all of our  options. You worked with us to avoid having big payments due at the same  time. You are concerned about others’ well being, and will do what you  can to help others’ out of a bad situation.

I would recommend you to anyone I know who needs help getting out of debt!”

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